2012 Graphic and Digital Design Portfolio

Branding – Wearable Trainer

Corporate identity development for a new product from a medical school.


Wearable Trainer

Wearable Trainer




Packaging Design – Olay

One of Packaging redesign competition I have entered while studying at Griffith University, Australia. The brief was to redesign a packaging for existing P&G product.

This design has won an accommodation in 2012 Southern Cross Packaging Design Awards.

Olay Packaging Design gd_olay1 gd_olay3

3D Animation Design

This project was one of my University assignments. It was my first time using 3Ds Max, it has became a good exercise for complex scene construction, multiple use of cameras and lighting.

Title Sequence Design – The Chase

The brief of this project was to create a title sequence for a short student film. The animation design idea was based on the given logo design and simple story line of “The Chase”. The Chase – When Girl-A steal Girl-B’s bag, the chase starts..
My role: 2D illustration, animation & soundtrack design.

Logo credit to Roxy Coppen


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