2011 Graphic Design Portfolio

Fiction book Design – Goldfish



Brochure Design – 30 cultural walking trailstw_0 tw_1


tw_2 tw_3

Educational Publication Design – 10 things you should know about the Sun

The brief of this typography project to was to design a educational publication. For this project I designed a set of cards in a die cut box, each time when you take a card out, you can see different pattern through the die window. All the different typefaces have been used for creating circular patterns to symbolise the shape of sun. This project has became a very interesting typography experiment and also taught myself of a  different way of thinking.

10thing-cover110things3 10things2

Packaging Design – Rockwell

This typography project was to design a DVD cover for documentary film of an old typeface Rockwell.

dvd-cover-final-print rockwell

Unique Book Design – Artist / Designer book

This project brief was to “design a unique book to express the designer’s voice and style, which also has to be hand made, work of art itself, that is bound, folded in an interesting way.”. My designer book has 9 facing pages, starts with A5 and each page can be viewed as independent graphic from it’s angle, all the pages are joined together and the last page is A2 where you will see a complete graphic.

artistbk_1 artistbk_2

Above are few snap shots of projects I have done while I was completing Diploma in Graphic Design at TAFE, to see more of my portfolio please go to www.betty-zhang.com or just click on any of those images for details. Thanks for visiting.


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