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My Artist/Design book – The Romance of My Goldfish

June 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

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This is one of my college projects, the brief was design and handmake our own “Artist/Designer book” to express our own style.

Nothing is more fruitier than this notepad – Designed by D-BROS, JAPAN

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D-BROSis a Japanese company formed by graphic designers in Tokyo, D-BROS is a product design project with an emphasis on innovative graphic design. It was launched in 1995.

The D-BROS project has developed and commercialized a wide range of items, including greeting cards and other stationery, clocks and other interior accents, glasses and other kitchen tools.

Design shapes the times. / Design adds joy to people’s lives. / Design is fun. / Design is a wellspring of unlimited potential.

Transcending the sphere of graphic design, D-BROS aims to bring a breath of fresh air to product design.

The notepad is designed by Masashi Tentaku, D-BROS . The stem is an actual tree twig. The notepad has 150 sheets of notepaper. It is sold individually or in a 6 pack. It looks so realistic–it even comes with the netting like the actual fruits! Makes you want to have a bite.

International packaging designs – KIAN Brand Agency from Moscow

June 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

KIAN Brand Agency of Moscow undertook an interesting project. A packaging concept for Soy Milk –  was aimed at informing regular milk consumers that milk obtained from natural plants is as good as cow’s milk. This entire concept has been taken forward in an integrated way.

I think they looked more attractive than the real deal, don’t you?

International Packaging Designs – “freshly peeled” from JWT, Brazil

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Brazilian advertising agency JWT , created a series of very appealing bottles to promote new vodka flavours Caipiroska, Smirnoff. The new packaging uses wrappers replicating the skin texture of fruits, passion fruit, lime and strawberry, that way consumers get to experience the peeling of a flavored drink. It’s a very simple concept, engaging the consumer’s senses.

International packaging designs — RETHINK from canada

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“Chris Tarry is both an accomplished author and a highly distinguished jazz musician. The challenge was to package his latest CD, Rest of the Story, in a way that highlighted both of these talents and reflected the creativity of his work.

We answered the brief by turning the CD package into a book of Tarry’s short stories.

The illustrations first set the stage and draw the reader to the stories, while the album’s musical landscape completes the picture— thus becoming the Rest of the Story. As an extra twist, the CD lies at the bottom of a large die-cut hole in the book, mirroring the fall of the character from the cover illustration.

The thoughtfulness of Tarry’s work finds its echo in every aspect of the packaging, from the detailed drawings to the foil lettering and silver ribbon marker. “

                                                                  ______  RETHINK, CANADA

International packaging designs – Spanish designer EVA BLANES

June 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Click on the business card to see more of Eva Blanes’s design

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